The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl
04-11-2015 The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

04-11-2015 The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

April 10, 2015

Playlist for April 11, 2015

Hour #1

The Hipwaders - “Go, Go, Girl” [The Golden State]
Pointed Man Band - “Red Fox” [Flight of the Blue Whale]
The Okee Dokee Brothers - “Boogylicious” [Kids With Beards]
*Earthworm Ensemble show ID
Earthworm Ensemble - “I Didn’t Give Up” [Backyard Garden]
Mr. Oscat - “All You Wanna Do is Play” [Mr. Oscat Says…]
Johnny Bregar - “Ice Cream Man” [Dragonfly]

*Morgan Taylor show ID
Gustafer Yellowgold - “Telephone Called” [Wisdom Tooth of Wisdom]
Vered - “Jump” [Hello My Baby]
The Terrible Twos - “When I Get to Eleven” [If You Ever See an Owl…]
David Heatley - “Big Green Party Machine” [Otis Dooda: Strange But True]
Future Hits - “On Stormy Mornings” [Today is Forever]
Rabbit! - “Blue Sky” [Connect the Dots]

*Barry Louis Polisar show ID
Barry Louis Polisar - “I’m a Slug” [A Little Different]
Mo Phillips - “Maria” [Occasional Yogurt]
John Jeffrey Hodges - “Hey, I’m Over Here” [Kiddy Dittys]
Randy & Dave - “Hum” [Calling All the Elephants]
Einstein’s Monkey - “Going Shopping” [Banana Yellow]

Karen K & the Jitterbugs - “Spring Day”

Hour #2

*TFIA show ID
Trout Fishing in America - “Everything That’s Made of Wood” [Infinity]
Jazzy Ash - “Heebie Jeebies” [Bon Voyage]
Lloyd H Miller - “Marching Through Georgia” [Glory, Glory, Hallelujah]
Lori Henriques - “I Am Your Friend (feat. Matt Keeslar)” [How Great Can This Day Be]
Cat and a Bird - “Bee Jive” [Cat and a Bird]
Chris Dorman & Friends - “Jump Up & Down” [Always There]

*Papa Crow show ID
Papa Crow - Calico Pie” [Their Heads Are Green & Their Arms Are Blue]
Holly Throsby - “Fish and Mice” [See!]
Readeez - “Love’s Enough” [Songeez]
Dog on Fleas - “The Moon Song” [When I Get Little]
Lunch Money - “Silly Reflection” [Silly Reflection]
Liz, Holly, & the Jolly Lollies - “We All Have Bad Days” [Wishin’ Vol. 1]

*LDFJB show ID
Lucky Diaz & the Family Jam Band - “Blue Bear” [Luckiest Adventure]
Fire Dog - “You Don’t Know My Momma” [For the Kids]
Recess Monkey - “Come Out of Your Shell” [Wonderstuff]
Joe’s Backyard Band - “Crow” [Kick Up a Breeze]
Jr. Madness - “Do As I’m Doing” [Just Kidding]
Rolie Polie Guacamole - “Blocks” [Triathlon]

The Board of Education - “Why is Dad So Mad?” [Binary]

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