The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl
Playlist for February 24, 2018

Playlist for February 24, 2018

February 24, 2018

Hour #1

The Boogers - “SMCB Theme Song”

Dan Vapid - “Let the Sunshine In” [All Wound Up Vol. 2]
Plastic Bertrand - Ça Plane Pour Moi”
The Boogers - “Keep on Moving”
Chibi Kodama show ID
Chibi Kodama - “Beginning of the End” [Between Main Street & Neverland]
Social Distortion - “Up Around the Bend”
The Mighty bUZZniks - “To the Moon” [Bug Out]

Yosi show ID 
Yosi - “Hole in the Ground” [Under a Big Bright Yellow Umbrella]
Josh & the Jamtones - “We Are O-N-E!” [We Are O-N-E!]
Mike Park - “Wiggly Wiggly Worm” [Smile]
Less Than Jake - “Warm Chicken”
The Trummytones - “Happy as a Clam” [Down By the Seaside]
Toots & the Maytals - “Country Roads” [VA: Putumayo Kids Presents-Reggae Playground]

Enzo Garcia show ID
Enzo Garcia - “Side of a Mountain Top” [Breakfast With Enzo]
Falu - “Rainbow” [Falu’s Bazaar]
Mr. David - “Come to the Plaza” [The Great Adventures of Mr. David]
Walter Martin - “My Kinda Music” [My Kinda Music]
Mr. Singer & the Sharp Cookie - “Sunny Smile (feat. Mista Cookie Jar)” [Going to a Party]

Mil’s Trills - “Make Some Noise!” [Ridiculous Nonsense]

Hour #2

Jess Penner show ID
Jess Penner - “I’ve Got No Strings” [Imagination]
Jess and Aaron - “Slime Party” [Jess and Aaron]
Andrew and Polly - “Grapes” [Odds & Ends]
Men Without Hats - “Pop Goes the World”
Elska - “Don’t Mess With the Goobler” [Middle of Nowhere]
The Pop Ups - “Box of Crayons” [Radio Jungle]

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer show ID
Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer - “Zoom a Little Zoom (Rocket Ship)” [Zoom a Little Zoom: A Ride Through Science]
Laura Doherty - “Hide and Seek” [High Five]
POCO DROM - “Along Came a Weasel” [Along Came a Weasel]
Mad Tea Party - “Big Top Soda Pop”
The Raging Kidiots - “When I Grow Up”
Phredd - “Dogged If I Know” [Ukulele One Man Band]

Caspar Babypants ID 
Caspar Babypants - “Mister Rabbit (feat. Charlie Hope)” [This is Fun!]
Margot Bevington - “From There to Here” [I Am 4, 5, 6]
Lucky Diaz - “Blue Bear” [Luckiest Adventure]
Lard Dog & the Band of Shy - “Who’s Your Favorite Beatle?” [Dreamers]
Ween - “Ocean Man”

Parry Gripp - “Yum Yum Breakfast Burrito (Extra Cheese Mix)”

Playlist for February 3, 2018

Playlist for February 3, 2018

February 7, 2018

Hour #1

The Boogers - “SMCB Theme Song”

Peelander-Z - “Be My Friend Tonite” [P-TV-Z]
Miss Paula & the Candy Bandits - “Stand Right Up (Sit Back Down)” [Miss Paula & the Candy Bandits]
The Not-Its! - “Haircut” [Raise Your Hand]
ScribbleJim show ID
ScribbleMonster - “What’s the Big Idea” [Shark Sandwich]
Parry Gripp - “Hamizilla”
Chibi Kodama - “The Safety Dance”

The Salamanders show ID 
The Salamanders - “Matt Damon Magnetized Me” [Bubbles]
Laura Doherty - “Can’t Wait to Turn 8 (feat. Justin Roberts)” [High Five]
Tim Kubart - “Showtime” [Home]
Fire Dog - “You Don’t Know My Momma” [For the Kids]
Shine & the Moonbeams - “High Five” [Shine & the Moonbeams]
The We Belong Bunch - “You’re My Friend”

Caspar Babypants show ID
Caspar Babypants - “Bird in an Airplane Suit” [Rise and Shine]
Mil’s Trills - “Stale Bread” [Ridiculous Nonsense]
Dan Bern - “You Can Do It” [OST: The Stinky & Dirty Show]
Papa Crow - “Barking Spiders” [What Was That Sound?]
Kristen Kellner - “Bus” [Obstacle Course]

Walter Martin - “We’re All Young Together” [We’re All Young Together]

Hour #2

Danny Weinkauf show ID
Danny Weinkauf - “Put Down the Smartphone” [Totally Osome]
Rabbit! - “All Around the World” [Bestest of Friends]
Like Father Like Son - “Sun is Star”
They Might Be Giants - “I’m a Little Airplane”
The Green Orbs - “The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea”
Randy & Dave - “A Weird Thing Happened” Life on a Trampoline]

KWMC show ID
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - “Favorite Names” [Rise and Shine]
Zigzag & the Astronauts - “Go Out and Play” [Zigzag & the Astronauts]
mömandpöp - “Pizza Party” [mömandpöp]
A Horse A Spoon A Bucket - “Seven Eight” [Kick Out the Jams Little Babies!]
Kitty Wolf - “Blue Ridge Giant” [Jumpin’ the Tracks]
Alex Volz - “The Red Apple Blues” [Awesome Songs For Cool Kids]

Yosi & the Superdads ID 
Yosi & the Superdads - “So You Want to Be a Kids Rock Star” [Super Kids Rock!]
Klebe & Davis - “Piece of Fuzz” [Music For Parents & Children]
The Jimmies - “Bedhead” [Make Your Own Someday]
Shonen Knife - “Top of the World”
The Good Ms. Padgett - “Mommy’s Lips” [If We Must We Must]
Future Hits - “This Past Sunny Weekend” [Today is Forever]

Joey Ramone - “What a Wonderful World”

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