The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl
August 18, 2018

August 18, 2018

August 18, 2018

Summer’s wrapping up and it’s time to get back to school. Some of you are already back at school. Today’s show has few school-themed songs to get you ready. Plus, check out all the new music. Great kindie fun!

Hour #1

The Boogers - “SMCB Theme Song”

The Green Orbs - “Twelve Steps to Eating Your Veggies” [Thumb Wrestling Champions]
Danny Adlerman & Friends - “School Bus Driver” [One Size Fits All]
The Binkees - “The More We Get Together” [The Binkees!]
Chibi Kodama show ID
Chibi Kodama - “Face and Fade” [Between Main Street and Neverland]
The Jimmies - “Birthday” [Practically Ridiculous]
The Bazillions - “Back at School” [Rock-n-Roll Yearbook]

JLNL show ID 
Joanie Leeds & the Nightlights - “Back to School” [Bandwagon]
Kyle Riley - “One’s & Two’s” [Sing to Me]
Michelle Shocked - “Got No Strings” [Got No Strings]
Cheri Magill - “Crazy” [Tour Guide]
Elizabeth Mitchell - “Little Bird, Little Bird” [You Are My Little Bird]
Laura Doherty - “Now I Go to School” [High Five]

Dan Zanes & Claudia Eliaza show ID
Dan Zanes, Claudia Eliaza, and Yuriana Sobrino - “Can You Sing” [Night Train 57]
Jazzy Ash - “Hop to School” [Bon Voyage]
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - “Ain’t No Dog Like Mister” [All the Sounds]
Ella Fitzgerald - “The Muffin Man” [VA: Jazz For Kids]
Lori Henriques - “Beau Paris (feat. Leo Keeslar)” [How Great Can This Day Be]
Randy Kaplan - “Diddie Wah Didde” [Diddie Wah Didde]

The Dilly Dallies - “School Day” [Walking Around With Giants]

Hour #2

Jack Forman show ID
Recess Monkey - “Get it All Wrong” [Family Photo Album]
Big Bang Boom - “Kid on the First Day of School” [Songs Your Mom Will Like]
mömandpöp - “I Know the Numbers” [Look Closer]
Steve Elci & Friends - “Supersonic” [Jump in the Puddles]
Rainbow Rock Band - “Samuel the Zookeeper” [Total Eclipse of the Rainbow]
Kids Imagine Nation - “Photobooth” [Kids Imagine Nation 2]

Ozokidz show ID
Ozokidz - “Trees” [Ozomatli Presents…]
Purple Fox & the Heebie Jeebies - “Perfect Day” [The Something of Love]
Josh & the Jamtones - “Me & Julio” [We Are O-N-E!]
The Slackers - Happy Songs”
Judy Mowatt - “Let’s Dance” [VA: Putumayo Kids Presents Reggae Playground]
Desmond Dekker - “Yakety Yak”

Mister G show ID 
Mister G - “Chocolalala” [Chocolalala]
Mi Amigo Hamlet - “Happy Land” [Happy Land is Tierra Feliz]
Nathalia - “El Amazonas” [Dream a Little]
Cri Crí - “Metete Teté”
Anthony Gonzalez & Gael García Bernal - “Un Poco Loco” [OST: Coco]
Moona Luna - “Espejos” Panorama]

Cheech Marin - “My Name is Cheech, the School Bus Driver”

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