Summer’s wrapping up and it’s time to get back to school. Some of you are already back at school. Today’s show has few school-themed songs to get you ready. Plus, check out all the new music. Great kindie fun!

Hour #1

The Boogers - “SMCB Theme Song”

The Green Orbs - “Twelve Steps to Eating Your Veggies” [Thumb Wrestling Champions]
Danny Adlerman & Friends - “School Bus Driver” [One Size Fits All]
The Binkees - “The More We Get Together” [The Binkees!]
Chibi Kodama show ID
Chibi Kodama - “Face and Fade” [Between Main Street and Neverland]
The Jimmies - “Birthday” [Practically Ridiculous]
The Bazillions - “Back at School” [Rock-n-Roll Yearbook]

JLNL show ID 
Joanie Leeds & the Nightlights - “Back to School” [Bandwagon]
Kyle Riley - “One’s & Two’s” [Sing to Me]
Michelle Shocked - “Got No Strings” [Got No Strings]
Cheri Magill - “Crazy” [Tour Guide]
Elizabeth Mitchell - “Little Bird, Little Bird” [You Are My Little Bird]
Laura Doherty - “Now I Go to School” [High Five]

Dan Zanes & Claudia Eliaza show ID
Dan Zanes, Claudia Eliaza, and Yuriana Sobrino - “Can You Sing” [Night Train 57]
Jazzy Ash - “Hop to School” [Bon Voyage]
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - “Ain’t No Dog Like Mister” [All the Sounds]
Ella Fitzgerald - “The Muffin Man” [VA: Jazz For Kids]
Lori Henriques - “Beau Paris (feat. Leo Keeslar)” [How Great Can This Day Be]
Randy Kaplan - “Diddie Wah Didde” [Diddie Wah Didde]

The Dilly Dallies - “School Day” [Walking Around With Giants]

Hour #2

Jack Forman show ID
Recess Monkey - “Get it All Wrong” [Family Photo Album]
Big Bang Boom - “Kid on the First Day of School” [Songs Your Mom Will Like]
mömandpöp - “I Know the Numbers” [Look Closer]
Steve Elci & Friends - “Supersonic” [Jump in the Puddles]
Rainbow Rock Band - “Samuel the Zookeeper” [Total Eclipse of the Rainbow]
Kids Imagine Nation - “Photobooth” [Kids Imagine Nation 2]

Ozokidz show ID
Ozokidz - “Trees” [Ozomatli Presents…]
Purple Fox & the Heebie Jeebies - “Perfect Day” [The Something of Love]
Josh & the Jamtones - “Me & Julio” [We Are O-N-E!]
The Slackers - Happy Songs”
Judy Mowatt - “Let’s Dance” [VA: Putumayo Kids Presents Reggae Playground]
Desmond Dekker - “Yakety Yak”

Mister G show ID 
Mister G - “Chocolalala” [Chocolalala]
Mi Amigo Hamlet - “Happy Land” [Happy Land is Tierra Feliz]
Nathalia - “El Amazonas” [Dream a Little]
Cri Crí - “Metete Teté”
Anthony Gonzalez & Gael García Bernal - “Un Poco Loco” [OST: Coco]
Moona Luna - “Espejos” Panorama]

Cheech Marin - “My Name is Cheech, the School Bus Driver”


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