The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl
January 19. 2019

January 19. 2019

January 19, 2019

Hour #1

The Boogers - “SMCB Theme Song”

Little Bandits - “Scooter” [Little Bandits]
Alex Volz - “Megalodon” [Welcome to Awesometown]
Katie Oliver - “I Wonder What It’s Like 2BU” [Passing Clouds]
Morgan Taylor show ID
Gustafer Yellowgold - “The Carvery” [I’m From the Sun: The Gustafer Yellowgold Story]
Señor Fancypants - “Teddy Bear” [Señor Fancypants]
The Shytunas - “I Like to Recycle”

The Okee Dokee Brothers show ID 
The Okee Dokee Brothers - “Keep Me Warm” [Winterland]
Kira Willey - “Roots” [Every Voice]
Johnette & Scott - “Swamp Romp” [Swamp Romp]
Marsha & the Positrons - “Giant & Colossal Squid (feat. Barry Louis Polisar)” [Positronic]
Violent Femmes - “Eep Op Ork Ah-Ah”
Katie Ha Ha Ha - “These Things Go Together” [These Things Go Together]

Caspar Babypants show ID
Caspar Babypants - “Emotional Robot” [Keep it Real!]
mömandpöp - “I Really Love to Color and Draw” [Look Closer]
Kitty Kat Fan Club - “You Can Sleep on Top of Anything”
Frances England - “Into the Wild” [Blue Skies & Sunny Days]
Tim Kubart - “Day One” [Building Blocks]
Sesame Street - “Sing”

Michael & The Rockness Monsters - “Mona Lisa” [Monster’s Ball]

Hour #2

Bears and Lions show ID
Bears and Lions - “Setting Sun” [Navigate]
Matt Heaton - “Snow Day” [Snow Day!]
The Not-Its! - “Hide and Seek” [Ready or Not]
Vista Blue - “Five Nights” [The Kids Still Don’t Like It]
Chibi Kodama - “Seawater Tea Party” [Persist]
Mr. Jon & Friends - “Dragonfly” [Rock & Rhyme]

Billy Kelly show ID
Billy Kelly - “Jigsaw” [Again!!!]
The Shazzbots - “If You Know Yuri Like I Know Yuri” [LIGHTSPEED!]
Formidable Vegetable Sound System - “Eatin’ Weeds” [Grow Do It]
Josh & the Jamtones - “Fun!” [We Are O-N-E!]
Purple Fox & the Heebie Jeebies - “Live Like a Champion” [My Purple Fox]
Tony Pete - “Why How Now” [When I Grow Up]

23 Skidoo show ID 
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - “You Caught My Eye” [Wake Up the Dream]
fleaBITE - “Dingo Bingo” [Bite Me]
Thunder & Sunshine - “The Letter Z” [This is Thunder & Sunshine]
STEVENSTEVEN - “Mimic Octopus” [Foreverywhere]
Mr. Singer & the Sharp Cookies - “Be the Light” [Going to a Party]
The Might bUZZniks - “To the Moon” [Bug Out]

Play Date - “Surf’s Up”

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