The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl
March 28, 2020

March 28, 2020

March 28, 2020

Hour #1

The Boogers - “SMCB Theme Song”

The Shytunas - “Daddy Wants Grits” [Home Recordings]
Lard Dog & the Band of Shy - “Rock in the Rockefeller” [Dreams]
Moona Luna - “No Me Digas” [Vamos, Let’s Go!]
The Not-Its! show ID
The Not-Its! - Hide & Seek” [Ready or Not!]
Best Coast - “Cats & Dogs” [Best Kids]
Future Hits - “Upcoming Birthday” […And the Power of Discovery]

Chibi Kodama show ID 
Chibi Kodama - “Meet & Greet” [Resist]
The Presidents of the United States of America - “Can’t Stop (Catchin’ ‘Em All)”
Einstein’s Monkey - “Got Peanut Butter On” [Caution]
Captain Bogg & Salty - “Pieces of 8ight” [Pegleg Tango]
Music For Aardvarks & Other Mammals - “Tess” [Grumpy]
Drew Bunting - “I’m Grumpy” [Jet Pack!]

Justin Roberts show ID
Justin Roberts - “Glad You’re Here” [Wild Life]
Underbirds - “Here Comes My Friend” [Underbirds]
Elizabeth Mitchell - “Little Bird, Little Bird” [You Are My Little Bird]
Charlie Hope - “I’m Me!” [I’m Me!]
Walter Martin - “Let the Tall Ships Sail” Green Beans & Tangerines]

The Flaming Lips - “If I Only Had a Brain”

Hour #2

Alastair Moock show ID
Alastair Moock & Friends - “Be a Pain” [Be a Pain: An Album For Young (and Old) Leaders]
Joanie Leeds - “RGB” [All the Ladies]
Lloyd H Miller - “I’m Gonna Light Up the World” [S.S. Brooklyn]
Josh Lovelace - “Upside Down” [Growing Up]
Ants Ants Ants - “Robot Robot” [The Robot EP]
Kelli Welli - “Tacos, Bananas, and Toy Boats” [Ooh La La Too Doo Na Na Oop Bop Oop Bop Ribbit]

Mister G show ID
Mister G - “Grilled Cheese” [Bugs]
Ruth and Emilia - “Who Would Believe It’s True” [Kokowanda Bay]
Miss Juliann - “I Bumped My Head” [Therapeutic Songs For Kids]
Barry Louis Polisar - “I’m Bored” [Songs For Well Behaved Children]
Mary Kaye - “Family” [Music Box]
Elliott Park - “Hero Bay”

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo ID
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - “Ride” [The Figments of Polyglot: Mixtape 1]
RhymeZwell - “Robots on the Dance Floor”
Alphabet Rockers - “Until You’re Free” [The Love]
Mista Cookie Jar - “Just Another Finger”

The Amoeba People - “The Geologists Are Coming”

Shintaro Sakamoto - “You Can Be a Robot, Too”

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