Hour #1

The Boogers - “SMCB Theme Song”

Rabbit! - “Dogs Like These” [Happiness is Simple]
The SOKS - “The Floor is Lava” [The Stuff Our Kids Say]
Doctor Noize - “Positive Energy”
fleaBITE show ID
fleaBITE - “Bamboo, Bamboo” [Snakes Alive[
Josh Lovelace - “Traveling Band (When I Grow Up)” [Growing Up]
Asylum Street Spankers - “Mommy Says No!” [Mommy Says No!]

Alphabet Rockers show ID
Alphabet Rockers - “Live Your Life” [The Love]
Fyütch & Uncle Jumbo - “My Crown”
The Pop Ups - “Time” [Giants of Science]
The Singing Lizard - “Growing Up” [Club Called Awesome]
Suzanne Jamieson - “Gut Check” [Bounce]
Father Goose - “Flying Machine (feat. Dan Zanes & Sheryl Crow)” [It’s a Bam Bam Diddly!]

Alastair Moock show ID
Alastair Moock - “Everybody Was a Kid (feat. Miss Jessica)”
Patrick Adams - “Tea With the Queen (feat. Sarah Elizabeth)”
Andrew & Polly - “Aquarium” [Go For the Moon]
Peanut Butter Jams - “Marlow’s Going to Space” [Kitchen Dance Party]

Jim Cosgrove - “Spaghetti and Goofballs” [Swimming in Noodles]

Hour #2

Parry Gripp show ID
Parry Gripp - “Who Brought the Nachos”
Koo Koo Kanga Roo - “Sticky Icky” [Slow Clap]
MrBoodaddy - “I’m Gonna Do This”
SaulPaul - “Dance and Flow (feat. Lori Henriques)” [Be the Change]
Renee & Friends - “Starfish & Coffee (feat. Maya Rudolph)” [Simpatico]
Aaron Nigel Smith - “Music & Movement (feat. Junior Rhythm & DJ Drez)” [Everyone Loves to Dance]

Kristin Andreassen show ID
The Bright Siders - “The Song About Songs (feat. The War & Treaty)” [A Mind of Your Own]
Debbie Lan - “Let’s Be the Best (feat. Christine Dominguez & Dean Jones)”
Claudia Robin Gunn - “Lucky Rainbow” [Sing Through the year]
Pete Moss - “Cattail” [Plants Rock]
Watch Reggie Run - “All the Fruit”
The Verve Pipe - “Complimentary Love” [A Family Album]

Caspar Babypants show ID
Caspar Babypants - “Noodles and Butter” [Flying High!]
Twinpop - “Pet Rubber Chicken” [Wild Cherry]
Artichoke - “Koala”
Gustafer Yellowgold - “Shock Dunk” [Minnesota Chronicles: The Gustafer Yellowgold Story Vol. 2]
Itty Bitty Beats - “Itty Bitty Bunnies”
Tracy Bonham & Melodeon Music House - “Beats to a Measure” [Young Maestros Vol. 1]

Moon Luna - “Todas Las Comidas” [Piñata Party]

Hour #1

The Boogers - “SMCB Theme Song”

Weezer - “It’s Always Sunny in Bikini Bottom” [OST: The Spongebob Squarepants Movie - Sponge on the Run]
The Relative Minors - “Stone Age Rock Star” [Play Music]
Artichoke - “Jackrabbit”
Michael & the Rockness Monsters show ID
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - “Mona Lisa” [Monster’s Ball]
Professor Jefferson Band - “R! E! A! D!” [Hello.]
The Jimmies - “Bedhead” [Make Your Own Someday]

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo show ID
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - “Love is Coming Back (feat. Jamar Woods)” [The Figments of Polyglot: Mixtape Vol. 10]
Pointed Man Band - “Dreams” [Dreams]
Nick Cope - “Lily’o’lily” [A Round of Applause For the Dinosaurs]
Future Hits - “I Grew” […And the Power of Discovery]
The Rainbow Beat - “Hello Imagination” [The Enchanted Forest & the Start of Evermore]
Elska - “I Just Had an Idea” [Middle of Nowhere]

Justin Roberts show ID
Justin Roberts - “Heart Like a Door” [Wild Life]
Sara Watkins - “Night Singing” [Under the Pepper Tree]
Tom Weber - “Sunny Days”
Matt Heaton - “Thursday Morning” [All of Us]
Sin and Swoon - “This Old Man” [Sing Out!]

Dan Zanes & Friends - “Wonder Wheel” [Family Dance]

Hour #2

Red Yarn show ID
Red Yarn - “Jump For Joy” [Backyard Bop]
Watch Reggie Run - “Chickens Lay Eggs”
Nanny Nikki - “Keep on Looking”
123 Andrés - “Cooperation (feat. Rissi Palmer)” [Hola, Amigos]
Kat White - Dance Pangolin Dance” [In the Eye of the Owl]
Zoe Lewis - “Sheep”

The Story Pirates show ID
The Story Pirates - “The Raccoon’s Very Hard Choice” [Cats Sit on You]
MrBoodaddy - “Pat Your Belly Like a Hippo”
Mr. Elephant - “Uncle Dunk” [Songs For the Young, Old and In-between]
Tricked Out Tricycle - “Be That Cat” [Yeah? Yeah! Mousse?]
Roger Day - “Me & My Jetpack” [Invincible]
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - “Honest Kid” [Tiny Cool]

Randy Kaplan show ID
Randy Kaplan - “Candy Man Blues” [Shake It and Break It]
Jazzy Ash - “Good Foot (feat. Mil’s Trills & Pam Rocker)” [Good Foot]
Uncle Jumbo - “Mind Flow” [Body Movin’]
Tunes With Tim - “PBJ” [We’re All Human]
POCO DROM - “Bounce, Bounce, Bounce” [Along Came a Weasel]
Bari Koral Family Rock Band - “Dad’s New Car” [Bari Koral Family Rock Band]

Little Parade - “More Energy” [Celebrate You]


We have quite a show for you today, kids. Not only are there a lot of new songs, as well as some Cereal Bowl classics, we also have Flula Borg stopping by to talk about his new album he made with Go Banana Go. Plus we’ll hear all the songs from the album and Flula will give us the scoop on each one.

Hour #1

The Boogers - “SMCB Theme Song”

The Amoeba People - “Mars Party”
Brian Vogen & His Good Buddies - “Soccer Ball” [Lucky 7]
The Thinking Caps - “Be Yourself” [Be Yourself]
John F show ID
They Might Be Giants - “Or So I Have Heard” [Why?]
Eels - “Saturday Morning”
Candy Band - “Ken Lost His Head” [Candy Band]

The Lucky Band show ID
The Lucky Band - “Mix it Up” [Buenos Diaz]
Peanut Butter Jams - “You and I” [Kitchen Dance Party]
Flor Bromley - “Balloon Party (feat. Jazzy Ash)” [Fiesta Global]
Claudia Robin Gunn - “Spring Song” [Sing Through the Year]
Jon Samson - “Anxiety” [Ageless: Songs For the Child Archetype]
Big Bang Boom - “Get the Job Done” [Big Bang Boom]

The Story Pirates ID
The Story Pirates - “Fun Crazy Weird Hair Store” [The Strawberry Band]
Animal Farm - “It Always Could Be Worse!” [We Are One]
The Bright Siders - “You Do You (feat. Oh Pep!)” [A Mind of Your Own]
Beth Jean - “The Best Mustache in Michigan” [Let’s Put on a Show]
Tracy Bonham & Melodeon Music House - “Let’s Take the Subway” [Young Maestros Vol. 1]

Sugar Free Allstars - “Bathtub Boy” [Dos Niños]

Hour #2

Flula Borg Interview with Songs from the album It’s For You
“Who Tooted?”
“Bugs (Are Disgusting)”
Interview Part 2
“Funky Fresh”
“I Live in a Banjo”
Interview Part 3
“Rainbow Bacon”

Mista Cookie Jar show ID
Mista Cookie Jar - “I Love You”
Dub Town Rockers - “Keep on the Sunny Side” [Sing Little Birdie]
Nathalia - “Sounds of the Season” [En La Radio]
Mike Phirman - “Word Search/Vacuum (feat. “Weird Al” Yankovic)” [Activity Book]
Walter Martin - “Do-Dilly-Do (A Friend Like You)”
Fatcat & Fishface - “Tip of My Tongue” [Dogbreath]

Parry Gripp show ID
Parry Gripp - “Backpack Full of Burritos”
Baron Von Rumblebuss - “Rock Robots!”
The Microphone Doctors - “Hot Dog” [Hot Dog EP]
The Gothsicles - “Go-Away-Bird” [Animal Songs]
The Board of Education - “Why is Dad So Mad?” [Binary]
Captain & Cat - “In the Swamp” [The Adventures of…]

Recess Monkey - “Jet Pack” [The Final Funktier]


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