Hour #1

The Boogers - “SMCB Theme Song”

mömandpöp - “Walking the Cow”
The SOKS - “Gotta Be Bad” [The Stuff Our Kids Say]
Professor Jefferson Band - “Opposites” [Hello]
Brady Rymer show ID
David Gibb & Brady Rymer - “Mother Nature’s Dream”
Frances England - “City Don’t Sleep” [Explorer of the World]
Tim & the Space Cadets - “Superhero” [The Greatest Party Ever]

Parry Gripp show ID
Parry Gripp - “Star Cat With the Sparkles in Its Eyes”
Carrie Ferguson - “The Puppy Song (You and I)” [The Grumpytime Club]
Music With Michal - “I Feel Excited”
Tracy Bonham & Melodeon Music House - “All the Blackbirds” [Young Maestros Vol 1]
Erica Rabner - “You’re Not Alone” [We Got This]
Mary Kaye - “Family” [Music Box]

Lucy Kalantari show ID
Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats - “Travelin’ All Around” [All the Sounds]
Jelly of the Month Club - “A Llama’s Life For Me”
Charity & the JAMband - “We Love Those Itty Bitty Bugs” [Creatures & Critters]
Patrick Adams - “Rhythms World”
Formidable Vegetable - “Our Street” [Garbage Guts]

Monty Harper - “Roundy Round” [Take Me to Your Library]

Hour #2

Michael & the Rockness Monsters with Songs from their new album Similarities
Interview Part 1
Interview Part 2
“The Fox & the Feline”
Interview Part 3

The Story Pirates show ID
The Story Pirates - “The Case of the Musical Cinnamon Buns” [The Strawberry Band]
Bino & Fino - “Dance Dance Dance” [Dance Party]
Go Banana Go! - “Pizza Feet” [Hi-YA!]
Rabbit! - “Happiness is Simple” [Happiness is Simple]
Fun Run - “If You Don’t Mind” [Go Have Some Fun]
Caspar Babypants - “$9.99” [More Please]

Mista Cookie Jar show ID
Mista Cookie Jar - “Don’t Gotta Be Cool” [Don’t Gotta Be Cool]
Pierce Freelon - “Cootie Shot (feat. Divinity Roxx)” [Black to the Future]
Father Goose - “Dance With You” [Life]
Jean Cleary - “My Sisters and Me” [All Together Now!]
Renee & Jeremy - “Where is My Mind?” [Whole Lotta Love]
Michael Hearst - “Airboard Personal Hovercraft” [Songs For Unconventional Vehicles]

Trout Fishing in America - “Are We There Yet?” [Infinity]

Hour #1

The Boogers - “SMCB Theme Song”

Watch Reggie Run - “Water Bottle Wild Man”
Tenacious D - “I Think I Love You” [OST: The Croods: A New Age]
Lard Dog & the Band of Shy - “I Like” [Dreamers]
Jumpin’ Jamie show ID
Jumpin’ Jamie - “Back to the Future” [Kookie]
POCO DROM - “Queen Marsupial”
The Baby Grands - “Where Are You From?” [The Baby Grands II]

Lucky & Alisha show ID
Lucky Diaz & the Family Jam Band - “Generation C” [Crayon Kids]
Fun Run - “Slotted Spoon” [Go Have Some Fun]
Vanessa Trien & the Jumping Monkeys - “Turn the World Around”
Mr. Roberelli - “Where’s the Pīwakawaka? (feat. Lucy Hiku)”
Hopalong Andrew - “Thank God I’m a City Boy” [Howdy Do! Songs of the Urban Cowpoke]
Justin Roberts - “Pop Fly” [Pop Fly]

Kristen Andreasen show ID
The Bright Siders - “The Moon & the Stars & Me” [A Mind of Your Own]
Little Miss Ann - “Marshmallow Man (Feat. Suzi Shelton)” [28 Days]
Pears 4 Bears - “Shadow” [Fruit]
The Presidents of the United States of America - “Can’t Stop (Catchin’ ‘Em All)”
The Story Pirates - “The Strawberry Band” [The Strawberry Band]
DJ Willy Wow - “King Kong vs. Godzilla”

Dean Jones - “Rock Paper Scissors” [Rock Paper Scissors]

Hour #2

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo show ID
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - “Constellation” [The Figments of Polyglot: Mixtape Vol. 11]
Fyütch - “Pick it Up”
Beck - “Super Cool (feat. Robyn and The Lonely Island)” [OST: The Lego Movie 2]
Luscious Jackson - “Yeah Yeah No No” [Baby DJ
Koo Koo Kanga Roo - “Ice Cold Lemonade” [Slow Clap]
The Singing Lizard - “Itsy” [Alphabeat]

Michael & the Rockness Monsters show ID
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - “Everybody’s Dancing” [Similarities]
Itty Bitty Beats - “Dinosaurs”
Ashley Mills Monaghan - “All of You”
The Laurie Berkner Band - “I Saw a Butterfly” [Let’s Go!]
Peanut Butter Jams - “Good Morning”
Bunny Clogs - “Potatoes With Problems” [More! More! More!]

Parry Gripp show ID
Parry Gripp - “Waffle City”
Esther Crow - “It’s So Easy Being Green”
Kelli Welli - “The Smilers” [Let’s Go, Pistachio!]
The SOKS - “On the Farm” [The Stuff Our Kids Say]
Polaris - “Hey Sandy”
The Hipwaders - “Dreaming” [St. Roch & His Acolytes of Pop]

Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - “Big Pet Pig” [Rise and Shine]

Hour #1

The Boogers - “SMCB Theme Song”

Kiddy Rocks - “Dino Dance”
The Thinking Caps - “The Beach” [Be Yourself]
Dubioza kolektiv - “Internetska”
Parry Gripp show ID
Parry Gripp - “Easter Bunny in Space”
Paper Bag Party - “Theme Song”
The Bazillions - “Tommy Got in Trouble Today” [Rock-n-Roll Recess]

Michael & the Rockness Monsters show ID
Michael & the Rockness Monsters - “Similarities” [Similarities]
Formidable Vegetable - “Get a Goat”
The SOKS - “I Burnt My Tongue” [The Stuff Our Kids Say]
Flula Borg & Go Banana Go! - “Funky Fresh” [It’s For You]
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - “Jelly Beans!”
Baze & His Silly Friends - “My Family” [Toddlerville] 

Danny Weinkauf show ID
Danny Weinkauf - “There’s No Place Like Home (feat. Tina Kenny)”
Cat Stevens - “School is Out”
Little Parade - “Floating Through the Breeze”
Vered - “Little Bit Tough” [Songs For Sisters and Brothers]
Ratboy Jr. - “Ground Food” [Hamster Dance]
Mi Amigo Hamlet & Alina Celeste - “Guacamole”

The Deedle Deedle Dees - “Drum” [Freedom in a Box]

Hour #2

The Story Pirates show ID
The Story Pirates - “I Have a Cookie (feat. Eddie Cooper)”
Jazzy Ash - “Teddy Bear” [Good Foot]
Erica Rabner - “We Got This” [We Got This]
Pierce Freelon - “Movies and Popcorn and Video Games” [D.a.d.]
Kymberly Stewart - “Down Down Up Up” [Giggles and Curls]
Big Sam’s Funky Nation - “Hokey Pokey” [VA: Funky Kidz]

Tim Kubart show ID
Tim Kubart - “Bigger” [Building Blocks]
Señor Fancypants - “Astronaut” [Señor Fancypants]
The Jolly Pops - “Picnic Place” [We Are Happy Dads]
Fun Run - “Part of the Rainbow”
Music With Michal - “Hot Cross Buns”
Lucky Diaz - “Blue Bear” [Luckiest Adventure]

fleaBITE show ID
fleaBITE - “Liver Lover” [Bite Me]
Rabbit! - “Submarine” [Happiness is Simple]
Professor Jefferson Band - “Try Try Again” [Hello]
Johnny & the Raindrops - “I Can’t See the Air”
Elena Moon Park - “Musikaru Ride to the Mountain” [Unhurried Journey]
Captain & Cat - “Let it Out” [The Adventures of Captain & Cat]

Grenadilla - “The Way it Goes” [Can’t Wait]


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