The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

08-15-2015 The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

August 14, 2015

Playlist for August 15, 2015

Hour #1

The Boogers show open

Rolie Polie Guacamole - “Wake Up Shake Up” [Chips & Salsa]
Rudy Trubitt - “Wear My Pajamas to School”
Milkshake - “School” [Bottle of Sunshine]
*Yosi & the Superdads show ID
Yosi & the Superdads - “Bus Stop” [Wake Up]
Tim and the Space Cadets - “2nd Grade Show” [Anthems For Adventure]
The Verve Pipe - “Homework Blues Stomp” [Are We There Yet?]

*Recess Monkey show ID
Recess Monkey - “Bubble Factory” [Field Trip]
The Bazillions - “My Teacher is an Alien” [On the Bright Side]
The Hipwaders - “Educated Kid” [Educated]
Pencilhead & the Playground Punks - “The Third Grade Song” [Super-Powered Underwear]
Danny Adlerman & Friends - “The Library Song” [One Size Fits All]
Sugar Free Allstars - “6th Grade Band” [Funky Fresh & Sugar Free]

*JLNL show ID
Joanie Leeds & the Nightlights - “Back to School” [Bandwagon]
Mr. Mocos - “Playground Blues” [You Can Pick Your Friends]
Roy Handy & the Moonshot - “Kindergarten Got a Cold”
Frances England - “The Books I Like to Read” [Fascinating Creatures]
The Pop Ups - “Math Rock” [Radio Jungle]

Big Bang Boom - “Kid on the First Day of School” [Songs Your Mom Will Like]

Hour #2

*Ryan SanAngelo show ID
Ryan SanAngelo - “Back to School”
Mike Park - “Bus Driver Gus” [Smile]
The Not-Its! - “Raise Your Hand” [Raise Your Hand]
They Might Be Giants - “Why Does the Sunshine” [Here Comes Science]
Ernie & Neal - “Pre-School Punk” [Rock the House]
The Aquabats - “Pizza Day”

*Justin Roberts show ID
Justin Roberts - “Gym Class Parachute” [Jungle Gym]
Nick Cope - “New School” [The Pirate’s Breakfast]
Lunch Money - “I Love My Library” [Dizzy]
The Board of Education - “First Day” [Binary]
Feldiken - “In My School” [Make it Play]
Billy Kelly & the Blah Blah Blahs - “A School in Dreamland” [Again!!!]

*Barry Louis Polisar show ID
Barry Louis Polisar - “I Don’t Wanna Go to School” [Songs For Well Behaved Children]
Astrograss - “Playground” [The Colored Pencil Factory]
Cary Kanno - “What Did You Do in School Today?” [Under the Sun]
Jazzy Ash - “Hop to School” [Bon Voyage]
Tom Chapin - “On My Way to School” [Mother Earth]
Judd Sunshine - “There’s No Place For Bullies in Our School” [VA: Someone Else’s Shoes]
Chuck Cheesman - “A Big Dog Ate My Homework” [Dancing With No Shoes On]

Steve Martin - “Late For School”

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