The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

10-03-2015 The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

October 2, 2015

Playlist for October 3, 2015

Hour #1

The Boogers SMCB Show Intro

Readeez - “Camel”
Musical Stew - “States and Capitals” [Musical Stew]
The Good Ms. Padgett - “Hey There Little Insect” [If We Must We Must]
*Chibi Kodama show ID 
Chibi Kodama - “In My Room” [We’re Not Crazy…(We’re Just Growing Up)]
Play Date - “Colors” [We All Shine]
The Not-Its! - “Funniest Cat Video” [Raise Your Hand]

*Randy Kaplan show ID 
Randy Kaplan - “Crew Cut” [Jam on Rye]
Duke Otherwise - “Don’t Say What Daddy Says” [Beehives & Bedheads]
Molly Ledford & Billy Kelly - “To the Woods” [Trees]
Justin Roberts - “Looking For Trains” [Recess]
Picnic - “Paint” [Family Songs]
The Bright Siders - “Oops! I Made a Mistake”

*Papa Crow show ID 
Papa Crow - “Moving to the Beat” [Full Moon, Full Moon]
Frances England - “City Don’t Sleep”
Brian Vogan & His Good Buddies - “Be Nice to Folks” [BVGB]
Alex Volz - “The Invention of Time” [The Little Merman]
Bears and Lions - “Airplanes” [Bears and Lions]
Little Miss Ann - “Can’t Wait to See You” [Follow Me]

The Board of Education - “VASIMR (to Mars)” [Binary]

Hour #2

*Mista Cookie Jar show ID 
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - “Music is Everywhere”
Shine & the Moonbeams - “High Five” [Shine & the Moonbeams]
Rhythm Child - “Misunderstandings” [Eat a Bowl of Cherries]
The Roots - “Lovely, Love My Family” [VA: YGG! Music is Awesome!]
Stevie Wonder - “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)” [VA: Motown For Kids]
The Pointer Sisters - “Pinball Number Count”

*Mister G show ID 
Mister G - “Aisle 3” [The Bossy E]
Time Kubart - “Breakfast Club (feat. Carly Ciarrocchi)” [Home]
The Pop Ups - “Costume Party” [Appetite For Construction]
The Aquabats - “Best Day of My Life”
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - “Pillowfort Pillowfight” [The Perfect Quirk]
Andrew & Polly - “Ballphabet”

*Caspar Babypants show ID 
Caspar Babypants - “Happy Heart” [VA: Smiles Ahead]
Gwendolyn & the Good Time Gang - “Freedom of the Heart” [Gwendolyn]
Ryan SanAngelo - “Outside, Yeah!” [Awesome, Dude!!!]
Ratboy Jr. - “Dancing Room” [Hamster Pants]
Johnny Cash - “Nasty Dan” [The Johnny Cash Children’s Album]

Parry Gripp - “Doctor Who”

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