The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

10-24-2015 The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

October 23, 2015

Buckle up and get ready to blast off! We're taking The Bowl to space. An interstellar collection of out of this world kindie. Enjoy!

The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl
Playlist for October 24, 2015

Hour #1

The Not-Its! - “First Kids in Outer Space” [Time Out to Rock]
Mr. Richard & the Pound Hounds - “Our Rocketship” [Backyard Astronauts]
They Might Be Giants - “Why Does the Sun Shine” [Here Comes Science]
*JLNL show ID
Joanie Leeds - “Blast Off” [City Kid]
The Amoeba People - “The Ecliptic Plane”
Todd McHatton - “Hauling Stars” [Galactic Champions of Joy]

*Billy Kelly show ID

Billy Kelly - “The Dance From Outer Space” [Is This Some Kind of Joke?]
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - “Going to the Moon” [Rise and Shine]
Caspar Babypants - “Take the Sun” [More Please!]
Mo Phillips - “Spinning in Space” [Occasional Yogurt]
Johnny Bregar - “How Many Stars” [Dragonfly]
Ella Fitzgerald - “Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer”

*Justin Roberts show ID

Justin Roberts - “Backyard Spaceship” [Way Out]
Human Tim+Robot Tim - “You Are an Astronaut” [You Are an Astronaut]
Mr. Mocos - “Build Me a Rocketship” [You Can Pick Your Friends]
Brian Vogan & His Good Buddies - “Space” [Sing a Little Song]
Charity & the JAMband - “Amazing Rocket Ship” [Party Like a Twinkle Star]

Parry Gripp - “Space Unicorn”

Hour #2

*Morgan Taylor show ID
Gustier Yellowgold - “New Blue Star” [Wide Wild World]
Tim & the Space Cadets - “Blast Off” [Anthems For Adventures]
Kira Willey - “Great Big Starry Sky” [How to be a Cloud]
The Baby Grands - “Pluto” [The Baby Grands]
Ratboy Jr. - “Space Kid and Banana” [Champions of the Universe]
Daddy a Go-Go “Guitars From Mars” [Big Rock Rooster]

*Papa Crow show ID

Papa Crow - “A Billion Stars” [Full Moon, Full Moon]
Uncle Rock - “Secret Spaceman” [The Big Picture]
Lori Henriques - “When I Look Into the Night Sky” [The World is a Curious Place to Live]
The Plants - “Space Bugs” [Sprouting Out]
Stevie Q - “Planet Song”
Nathalia - “Los Planetas” [Dream a Little Dream]

*Recess Monkey show ID

Recess Monkey - “Liftoff/Moon Boots” [The Final Funktier]
Davy Andrews - “Space Monkey” […and the Flying Fox]
The Pop Ups - “Connect the Stars” [Radio Jungle]
Lucky Diaz & the Family Jam Band - “Gato Astronauto” [Oh Lucky Day!]
The Mighty bUZZniks - “To the Moon” [Bug Out]

The Aquabats - “Food Fight on the Moon!”

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