The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

11-01-2014 The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

October 31, 2014

Playlist for November 1, 2014

Hour #1

Parry Gripp - “Ghost Hamster”
Alex Volz - “The Awesomest Monster” [Awesome Songs For Cool Kids]
Ryan SanAngelo - “Scotty the Scarecrow” [Autumn Themes & Halloween Screams]
*KWMC show ID
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - “Halloween”
Ratboy Jr. - “Where Do Monsters Go? [Champions of the Universe]
The Shinies - “House of Spooks”

*PKRS show ID
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - “Halloween” [Love, Cake & Monsters]
Poco Drom - “Walking in the Woods” [The Secret Life of Squirrels & Other Animals]
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips - “Halloween Every Night”
Heidi Swedberg & the Sukey Jump Band - “Boogie Man” [My Cup of Tea]
The Hipwaders - “Howling at the Moon” [The Hipwaders]
Mr. Whit - “I’m Not Scared” [Just One More]

*Justin Roberts show ID
Justin Roberts - “Trick or Treat” [Jungle Gym]
Todd McHatton - “Perfect Pumpkins”
Dog on Fleas - “Ooooh Spider” [Fairly Good Songs For Fairly Good Kids]
Rosemary Clooney - “Punky Punkin”
Recess Monkey - “Robin (Sugar Goblin)” [Tabby Road]

Roy Handy & the Moonshot - “I’m a Vampire” [Holy Cow!]

Hour #2

*Caspar Babypants show ID

Caspar Babypants - “Scared Scare Crow” [Hot Dog!]
Boxtop Jenkins - “Gettin’ Down on Halloween” [You’re Happier When You’re Happy]
fleaBITE - “Spider” [Circus of Fleas]
Erin Lee & Marci - “The Moonlight Wolfbite Batjuice Jamboree” [Snow Dance]
Sam Sham & the Pharaohs - “Li’l Red Riding Hood”
Los Lobos - “Grim Grinning Ghosts”

*Yosi show ID
Yosi - “Schlerpknopf” [What’s Eatin’ Yosi?]
The Boogers - “I’m a Jack-o-Lantern”
Groovie Ghoulies - “50,000 Spaceships (Watching Over Me)”
Candy Band - “Monsters”
The Not-Its! - “Tarantula Funeral” [Kidquake!]
Soccer Team - “I’ll Never Fear Ghosts Again” [VA: Play]

*Mary Kaye show ID
Mary Kaye - “The Skeleton Song” [Spin Your Web]
Rabbit! - “Bump in the Night” [Connect the Dots]
Asylum Street Spankers - “Don’t Turn Out the Lights” [Mommy Says… No!]
“Weird Al” Yankovic - “Slime Creatures From Outer Space”
Rasputina - “A Skeleton Bang” [VA: Colours Are Brighter]
Mr. David - “Black Cat” [Mr. David’s First Album]

The Sippy Cups - “The Day After Halloween” [One Day Soon]

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