The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

12-05-2015 The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

December 4, 2015

Playlist for December 5, 2015

Hour #1

The Boogers SMCB Show Intro

They Might Be Giants - “Or So I Have Been Told” [Why?]
Ratboy Jr. - “Littlest Giant” [Hamster Pants]
Future Hits - “On Stormy Mornings” [Today is Forever]
*Chibi Kodama show ID
Chibi Kodama - “Mama’s Bossy Friend” [Tiny, Magical People]
Cat Doorman - “Wake Up” [Calling All the Kids to the Yard]
Walter Martin - “I Walk So Slow Under the Mistletoe”

*Secret Agent 23 Skidoo show ID
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - “Once Upon a Rhyme” [Underground Playground]
The Singing Lizard - “Club Called Awesome”
Bears and Lions - “Once in a Blue Moon” [Bears and Lions]
The Pop Ups - “Googly Eyes” [Great Pretenders Club]
Rabbit! - “Magic” [Connect the Dots]
Blackalicious - “Toy Jackpot”

*Steve Weeks show ID
Steve Weeks - “Christmas Time at My House”
Rolie Polie Guacamole - “Hello, My Name Is” [Chips and Salsa]
Charlie Hope - “Like an Evergreen” [Where the Path Will Wind]

Randy Kaplan - "So Funny I Forgot to Laugh" [Jam on Rye]

Todd McHatton - “Rolled Up and Riddled in Stars” [Super Audio Sunshine]

Hour #2

*LDFJB show ID
Lucky Diaz & the Family Jam Band - “Like Ever Before” [Oh Lucky Day!]
The Que Pastas - “Four-Pawed Friend” [Sunglasses]
Recess Monkey - “Oh Lando” [Hot Air!]
Istvan & His Imaginary Friends - “Makes Me Happy” [Sweet!]
The Good Ms. Padgett - “Black and Yellow” [If We Must We Must]
Ralph’s World - “Welcome to Christmas Wood” [Ralph’s World Rocks and Reads]

*Morgan Taylor show ID
Gustafer Yellowgold - “One’s Onions” [Dark Pie Concerns]
Lori Henriques - “Groove” [How Great Can This Day Be]
Dean Jones - “Snail Mail” [When the World Was New]
The Okee Dokee Brothers - “Lighten Your Load” [Through the Woods]
Little Miss Ann - “I Got a Light” [Follow Me]
Helen Austin - “Can’t Wait For Christmas” [Colour It]

*Mista Cookie Jar show ID

Mista Cookie Jar - “Just Another Finger”
Sugar Free Allstars - “99 Questions” [All On a Sunday Afternoon]
Bobby Beetcut - “Funky Monkey” [Beetcut & the Magic Box]
Jazzy Ash - “Ice Skates” [Bon Voyage]
Father Goose - “Farmers Market” [Bashment Time]
Josh & the Jamtones - “Race U” [Rocksteady]

Five Iron Frenzy - “You Gotta Get Up”

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