The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

August 20, 2022

August 20, 2022

This episode is all about getting back into another year school. Enjoy the school-themed tunes.

Hour #1

The Boogers - “The SMCB Theme Song”

The Bazillions - “Back to School” [Rock-n-Roll Recess]
Danny Weinkauf - “Champion of the Spelling Bee” [No School Today]
Ellen and Matt - “Playground” [It’s Love]
Baze show ID
Baze and His Silly Friends - “School Days” [The Best Day Ever!]
The Aquabats - “Doing Science!”
Teacher and the Rockbots - “Nine Months in School” [Multiplication]

The Not-Its! show ID
The Not-Its! - “Welcome to Our School” [Time Out to Rock]
Klebe & Davis - “Big Bad School” [Music For Children & Parents]
The Dilly Dallies - “First Day of School” [Do You Think I’m Weird?]
Justin Roberts - “Gym Class Parachute” [Jungle Gym]
Fun Run - “Indoor Recess” [Go Have Some Fun]
The Pop Ups - “Math Rock” [Radio Jungle]

Barry Louis Polisar show ID
Barry Louis Polisar - “I Don’t Wanna Go to School” [Songs For Well Behaved Children]
Phredd - “Going Back to School” [Ukulele One Man Band]
Steve Martin - “Late For School”
The Tallest Kid in the Room - “I Wanna Go Back to School”
The Uncle Brothers - “Hurray For Teachers” [Monkey’s Uncle]
Big Bang Boom - “Kid on the First Day of School” [Songs Your Mom Will Like]

Jazzy Ash - “Hop to School” [Bon Voyage]

Hour #2

Joanie Leeds show ID
Joanie Leeds - “Back to School” [Bandwagon]
Rudy Trubitt - “Wear My Pajamas to School” [Made of Yes!]
Nathalia - “Oh Math” [When I Was Your Age]
Feldiken - “In My School” [Make it Play]
Jonathan Grossman & the NERDZ - “New Kid” [Call Me a Nerd]
The SOKS - “Don’t Wanna Go to School” [The Stuff Our Kids Say]

Again Again show ID
Again Again - “The Kids Are Here (First Day of School” [Listen. Love. Repeat]
Ralph’s World - “Do the Math” [Ralph’s World Rocks and Reads]
They Might Be Giants - “Meet the Elements” [Here Comes Science]
The Morning Announcements - “Don’t Leave Recess to Pieces”
The Gum Drops - “School Days”
The Terrible Twos - “Playground” [Jerzy the Giant]

Ryan SanAngelo show ID
Ryan SanAngelo - “Back to School”
Pierce Freelon - “First Day of School” [Black to the Future]
Dawnie - “Dancing in the Schoolyard” [Dancing in the Schoolyard]
Mr. Ellis the Teacher - “Math Song (6’s)” [Multiply With Me]
Alphabet Rockers - “The New Kid in School” [Back to School: The Remix]
Hey! Young World - “Gym Warm Up” [True Friendship]

Robbi K & Friends - “I Love My Teacher” [Music Makes Me Happy]

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