July 4, 2020

Today's show has a lot of new tunes, plus a bunch of Cereal Bowl classics. Enjoy!

Hour #1

The Boogers - “SMCB Theme Song”

The Deedle Deedle Dees - “If Ya Don’t Like Science (That’s Fine)” [How to Fix America]
Pears 4 Bears - “Fizzy Drink” [Fruit]
Peelander Z - “Bike Bike Bike” [Go PZ Go]
Ashley Albert show ID
The Jimmie - “Bedhead” [Make Your Own Someday]
Jesse’s Jukebox - “Awesome” [Awesome!]
The Morning Announcements - “Proactive Man”

TFIA show ID
Trout Fishing in America - “My Best Day” [Infinity]
Red Yarn - “Jump For Joy” [Backyard Bop]
The Que Pastas - “Llama” [Meet You By the Moon]
Little Miss Ann - “So Many Ways”
Ryan SanAngelo - “Outside, Yeah!” [Smile Every Day]
In the Nick of Time - “Easy Street”

Brady Rymer show ID 
David Gibb & Brady Rymer - “Two Towns” [Songs Across the Pond]
Rebecca Frezza - “Take a Ride” [Tall and Small]
Claudia Robin Gunn - “Rocketride (Kiwi Kids in Space)” [Little Wild Universe]
Jack Forman - “The Cat Walk” [Hold the Phone]
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - “Wander Round the World” [Pleased to Meet You]
Vered - “Don’t Leave Me” [Good Morning My Love]

Kindiana Jones - “Virtual Hug”

Hour #2

John F show ID
They Might Be Giants - “Flying V” [Here Come the ABCs]
Jazzy Ash - “Be Outside”
Pierce Freelon - “Daddy Daughter Day (feat. J Gunn)”
The Happy Racers - “Clean”
Hey! Young World - “Both Right (Talk it Out)” [True Friendship]
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - “Unspoken History” [The Figments of Polygot: Mixtape 6]

Ralph show ID
Ralph’s World - “Happy Lemons” [Happy Lemons]
Randy & Dave - “Red Jalopy: [Giggle and Burp Ballet]
The Other Other Brother - “One Body”
Blue Moon Boy - “Just a Tink” [Jimbo’s Kitchen]
Go Banana Go! - “Dinosaur Chicken Nugget” [Hi-YA!]
Milkshake - “More Than Me” [Got a Minute?]

The Okee Dokee Brothers show ID
The Okee Dokee Brothers - “Sunnyside Up” [Songs For Singin’]
Zev - “El Quacko” [This Dog is Bananas]
Mr. Elephant and the Elemenopeas - “I’m Just a Seed” [Songs For the Young, Old and in Between]
Walter Martin - “In My Socks” [Green Beans & Tangerines]
Josh Lovelace - “Upside Down” [Growing Up]
Bash the Trash - “History Blues” [Rubbish Rhythms]

Parry Gripp - “Pirate Snail on Broccoli Island”

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